Siom Termoplast is the place where ideas have been taking shape for more than 40 years. Each project is developed and dealed from beginning to end, managing each productive process in-house: product concept, design and engineering; manufacturing prototypes; design and construction of prototype moulds and high production moulds; plastic injection moulding; Siom Termoplast offers the comfort of choosing just a single point of contact, aware that collaboration in working allows to create optimal solutions with perfect value for money.


Siom Termoplast has always been a point of reference for national and international designers and manufacturers, where ideas are developed and become winning products in the market.


According to clients’ requests, with different technologies and using different materials, we provide them with physical prototypes that allows to touch what was just simple imagination. Clients can handle it and weigh it, observe it to the tiniest detail, test and evaluate it to decide in the best development.


Siom Termoplast produces prototypes and definitive moulds. The prototype moulds allow clients to test the final material directly and to carry out all the necessary technical and aesthetic tests. This way, before achieving the final moulds, clients can avoid those geometrical and mechanical errors, typical of prototypes. So, a favourable cost-benefit ratio is assured.


Special attention is paid to the choice of materials that best suits clients’ needs: thermoplastics resins and new polymers (ABS, charged or not PA, PPO, PET, POM, PBT, PMMA, PPS, PEEK, PARA, etc). Siom Termoplast submits the items to an internal check system, to constantly guarantee to clients that precision which turns out to be reliability.